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GTA 5 APK Beta 1.8: Experience the Amazing Graphics and Features of GTA V on Your Android Phone

Players eager to try it can obtain the beta version through the APK file provided by the developers. However, they will require an Invitation Code to gain access to it, which may be generated within the global version of the game.

Step 3: After the installation, users can open the 1.8 beta and the option to download the resource pack will be displayed. Gamers should select their preferred option between the Low-spec and HD resource packs.

gta 5 apk beta 1.8

There is a possibility of an error if the file that users have downloaded is incomplete. In such situations, the APK file must be redownloaded. This should also be done in case of a parsing error. Since this is a beta version, there may be several bugs and glitches that users can report.

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